No Worries Tea

No Worries Tea

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No Worries Anti-Anxiety Tea is our adventurous mélange of roots, herbs, leaves, seeds, blended to reduce anxiety and provides a sounder more balanced feeling.


    Don’t stress:  sip this brew so you can be your best self.  Our super star ingredients include:

    Burdock root-reduces lymphatic clogging, grounds you for less distractions, supports liver detoxification, helps clear anger and aggression.

    Dandelion root- a detoxifying herb that balances hormones ,and  binds excess hormones and toxins.

    Fennel seed- calming to nerves and digestion and promotes mental alertness.  

    Feverfew- Helps reduce depression and symptoms of anxiety. It has multiple pharmacologic properties, such as anticancer, anti-inflammatory, cardio-tonic, antispasmodic, and as an enema for worms.

    Lemongrass- used as a flavoring agent are also used for anxiety relief as well as Hypertension, Epilepsy, Musculoskeletal pain, Cough, Rheumatism, Fever, Common cold, Diabetes, Sleeplessness


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